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The Master's Tome is a mystical tome, filled with tales of adventurers past and bygone quests. The Tome also has downloads of saved games, awesome characters, and special items. Click a link next to a picture to download that quest.

SWORDMASTER - Diablo 2 - Type: Barbarian
A hefty adventurer. Just level 27 and already to the River of Fire?!?! Just look at those hefty swords. No wonder why he's called Swordmaster!
Not available for downloading.

We encourage you to send your own characters in! Please email us here . Include a brief description, what game it is on, the character's, party's, etc. name, and at least one screenshot. If you want, you can even include the file. Just put them all as attatchments. Thank you!
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All screenshots from respective games. Some have been edited for size only.
All files have been checked for viri, but please DOWLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK.